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“Networking is your net worth”. Networking is its own job. Like any kind of investing, it requires attention and effort.
- Tim Sanders

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Take advantage of FREE public profiles on the web and limit your LinkedIn activity. Linkdra search generator will guide you to find just the right profiles without any access to LinkedIn.


Expand your network. Connect with your target audience. Linkdra helps you set up personalized messages that convert well. Collect contact details of your level 1 connections.


Personalize your outreach with message templates. Take advantage of ready-to-use conversation flows that we created based on analysis of 1000s of messages across businesses & geography.

Go multi-channel

Automate with Linkdra email campaign integrations, post connection. Connect your Google or Outlook business mail and see communications flowing.

Integrate your HubSpot, Mailchimp, and host of other CRM or marketing automation tools with a click.


A simple to use lite CRM that makes tracking a breeze. Run nurture campaigns and stay in touch at scale so that you are on high recall. Let your network power your growth.

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